New General manager at DST China

Henrik Lykke


After 3 years in China, our present General Manager at DST China, Henrik Borch, has decided to seek challenges outside DAFA. As of April 1st, 2016, we have therefore appointed Henrik Lykke as our new General Manager for DAFA in China.

DST现任中国区总经理Henrik Borch在任职3年后,决定在DAFA之外寻求新的挑战。因此,从2016年4月1日起,任命亨瑞克﹒里克(Henrik Lykke)为DAFA中国区新任总经理。

Until now, Henrik has worked at the DAFA head office in Denmark as an executive assistant and business developer, heading various internal administrative optimization and external market development projects.


After six years in China, we have now firmly established a profitable foundation for further growth both in China and in other countries in the region. Henrik Lykke's main tasks will be to continue this growth, develop the DST organisation even further and finally handle the increasing amount of non-Asian customers.


On this occasion, we would like to thank Henrik Borch for a very solid effort in China for the past three years and for securing DST a long term viability. Henrik’s last working day in DST will be on March 31, 2016.

借这个机会,我们还要感谢Henrik Borch在中国三年的坚实努力,以及为确保DST长期生存能力所作的贡献。Henrik在DST的最后工作日为2016年3月31日。